Revamping a little bit the Radiomatik project

Revamping a little bit the Radiomatik project

Refactoring and old project, and adding a little form for feedback

I launched back then in 2020. It's been a long journey and I never thought it would get as much attention from the search engines as it got. I am trying to give a little more care in these last few days.

I had to take care of two tasks mainly. The first one is to fix some overflows in some pages. I am using bootstrap for this project and it handles well the layout. Some stuff I don't like but I don't have the time to fix them now (tables mainly with bootstrap are a headache). The second stuff to fix (or to add in this case) is a form so radio station owners can request the inclusion of a new station.

This second task was primarily the most important to tackle. And because I am already very invested in Flutter, then I wanted to try how flutter fits into a web-only strategy. This is where the new station request form was built and is already online.

Let me tell you that I found it relatively easy to set up (or can I call it deploy? ) the form to the site. The main trouble that I didn't get the first time was to deploy the form to its path. Then I searched in the documentation and google, and found that I had to provide the --base-ref flag at the moment of building the app for the web.

With the --base-ref flag you can specify what the path of your web app is going to be based. In my case, I did it at /radioform/

It was a productive weekend, I feel, and I am ready to refactor some other stuff in Radiomatik and other projects that I have hanging around the web.